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From Knut Urdalen <k...@php.no>
Subject Re: Incubator and PMC votes: welcome back log4php
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2007 05:38:57 GMT
Curt Arnold wrote:
> Could you describe the changes that you have made in your local copy 
> and/or provide a diff file?  Are they all syntactical changes or did 
> you make syntax and functional changes and they are currently mixed.  
> If so, then it may be good to try to separate them into separate bug 
> reports and separate commits.
Added an "examples" folder where I've put simple examples for usage and 
do the port with minimal effort (just get it to work without too much 
attention to details).

Kept the "Logger"-prefix. Removed "return by reference" most places and 
corrected inheritance in some appenders.

Moved unit tests to PHPUnit 3 and ensuring that the current test suite 
runs (cd src/php5/tests; phpunit AllTests.php). Run "phpunit 
--report=coverage AllTests.php to generate a nice code coverage report 
and you'll see that we need a few more tests ;)

Added a TODO-file including some notes I just did on what to look into 
for future versions of the log4php.

http://www.urdalen.com/log4php/php5-port-init.diff.txt (~260kb)

> Don't make any directory moves in your initial commit.  I'd expect to 
> make the moves at the same time setting up the Maven build file.
Yes, we'll wait with the directory move. My patch is against the current 
directory layout. All changes is kept within src/php5 at the moment.


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