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From Knut Urdalen <k...@php.no>
Subject Re: A request to become maintainer of log4php
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 21:11:10 GMT
Curt Arnold wrote:
> The decision to terminate the incubation of log4php at the Apache 
> Software Foundation was due to a failure to build a community around 
> the product that could ensure its long-term viability.  Any technical 
> issues were secondary.  ASF releases need to have the endorsement of a 
> community and not just be a product of just one man or company even if 
> the product is technically outstanding.  The vote to terminate 
> basically acknowledges their was no indication that log4php would ever 
> had a sufficient community to pass the exit requirements, so it didn't 
> make sense to keep asking for reports on progress when their was never 
> any response or any signs of life.
I fully understand the reasons for this decision looking at the current 
state of log4php. That's why I speak up. To me, the most important thing 
now is to get access to the project and start fixing the PHP 5 version. 
First when this work starts and we give access to a few others as well 
we will get some more activity here. Like now there is no maintainer and 
there's no one to take care of patches and new features and users feel 
no reason to even try posting patches and thoughts.

Keep having this tool at logging.apache.org seems like the only 
reasonable thing to me. We are already far into the PHP 5 shift and 
while the PHP 5 adoption increase I think this tool will be more and 
more used. The largest open source project using it now is SugarCRM.
> If you do end up branching the project, we'd could provide a link from 
> http://logging.apache.org to your log4php like we do for other non-ASF 
> logging frameworks.
That would be the last way out.
> If you are interested in helping with development of a restarted 
> log4php, please speak up.
I think I've already done that ;)
> p.s.: The source has been moved to 
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/log4php/trunk.  If you are 
> going to start development locally, I would suggest setting up a SVN 
> repo from a snapshot.  If the project does get picked up back at ASF, 
> then each incremental change can be applied to the ASF SVN instead of 
> having one massive unreviewable diff.
I've updated my trunk/ to use this repository while hoping to get things 
back on track.

Best regards,
Knut Urdalen

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