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From Nicola Butcher <Nicola.Butc...@rms.com>
Subject UDP appender VPC
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 11:24:35 GMT

I have successfully set up a log4net UDP Appender in a non VPC environment = however when
I try to do the same thing in a VPN I cannot get it to work. I=  have tried opening up all
UDP in and outbound ports but it still doesn't n= ot work. My config is as follows.

<log4net debug=3D"true">

  <appender name=3D"logFaces" type=3D"log4net.Appender.UdpAppender">

      <param name=3D"RemoteAddress" value=3D""/>

      <param name=3D"RemotePort" value=3D"7071"/>

      <param name=3D"Encoding" value=3D"UTF-8"/>

      <layout type=3D"log4net.Layout.XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j, log4net">

        <locationInfo value=3D"true"/>




      <priority value=3D"DEBUG" />

      <level value=3D"ALL" />

      <appender-ref ref=3D"logFaces"  />



Do I need to set the LocalPort as well as the Remote?

Thanks Nicki

Nicki Butcher
Senior Consultant/Manager, Client Applications
Peninsular House, 30 Monument Street
London EC3R 8NB, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 207 444 7801
F: +44 (0) 207 444 7601

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