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From "Neil Haughton" <Neil.Haugh...@autoscribe.co.uk>
Subject How do I comply with the licence for using log4net?
Date Fri, 14 May 2010 10:18:26 GMT
My apologies if this is 'off topic', but what is the consensus with
regard to licence and copyright if log4net is used in an application I
am involved with? The application is not a derived work as described by
the Apache licence, it just uses log4net to record events during the
application's use ("the user did this or that", etc). I am not a lawyer
so the meaning of some of the terms in the Apache licence is a little
unclear to me.

Is it sufficient to 

- place a ReadMe on the application's installation CD that is copied
across with the application installation, the Readme containing a notice
that the application uses log4net which is published under the Apache
licence, with a URL link to the licence itself? Or 

- instead of the link should we include the entire Apache licence in the
ReadMe document, or 

- is there something else we must do to satisfy the terms of the Apache

As far as I can see the requirement to 'attach' the licence to the
software would be satisfied by placing it on the CD as I have described
and copying it across to sit in the application folder on the host
machine. Is that thinking correct?

Is there a URL that will take me to a document explaining in simple
English the minimum I have to do to comply?


Neil Haughton

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