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From Loren Keagle <Lo...@aps-technology.com>
Subject Re: Possible to test log4net filters on certain logevent?
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2010 08:06:37 GMT
I think you can get halfway to your goal just by using the suggestions 
in the FAQ.  If you only care to check the log level of your logger 
instance, and not the filter chains in the individual appenders, you can 
use the helper methods on the ILog interface.

if (logger.IsDebugEnabled)
     string s = customObject.Serialize();
     logger.Debug("Custom serialized object: " + s);

Change the signature appropriately for Info, Error, Warn, or Fatal logging.

If you do need to check if the logging would get past filters on the 
individual appenders, you'll have to download the source code and simply 
add the log4net project to your solution so you can edit the source.  We 
do this in order to support custom logging levels lower than the Debug 
level.  You could easily add a helper method to the ILog interface to 
check if an event would make it past all of the filters on all of the 
appenders.  In the LogImpl class, create an implementation that iterates 
through all of the IAppenders and calls the FilterEvent method.

However, since your custom object has not yet been serialized, filters 
that actually analyze the content of the log message would obviously not 
trigger!  Hopefully the first solution will be all you need.

~Loren Keagle

On 4/15/2010 12:36 AM, ITemplate wrote:
> Hi Loren,
> Thanks for your reply! Well there are a couple of reasons but as an example,
> we need to log special webservices where the request and responses are VERY
> large objects that log4net (or any other) can't serialize correct. We have
> our own serializer for that job. But at the same time, these web services
> must perform well and object serialization here is a rather expensive and
> time consuming task. So I would like the ability to test if the log system
> would actually log the data - and if not, I would not even begin to
> serialize the classes to text.
> But on the other hand I will not begin to dig too deep into log4net to
> accomplish this - it would only make sense if there were some easy way like:
> var mustSerialize = false
> foreach(var appender in log4net.Appenders)
> {
>    mustSerialize = appender.WouldLog(logEvent);
>    if (mustSerialize) break;
> }
> But digging deeper would drain the goal of saving the time to serialize I
> guess...
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