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From Loren Keagle <Lo...@aps-technology.com>
Subject Re: Possible to test log4net filters on certain logevent?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 17:44:17 GMT
I don't think that this is possible without some dangerous coding.  
Looking at the source code, there are no methods on any appenders to 
test the level/filter chain in advance.  Given that your log4net config 
could contain dozens of appenders, each with their own set of filters, 
you could not make a single call to determine if an event would be 
filtered from all of them.  Perhaps if you provided a little bit of 
context, someone here might be able to offer an alternative approach?

If you really must have a programmatic way of doing this, you would have 
to gain access to all of your appenders, iterate through them, casting 
each to AppenderSkeleton (assuming the appender derives from this helper 
class!!!), test the log level of each, then iterate through all of the 
filters in the FilterHead linked list property.  AppenderSkeleton has a 
protected method called FilterEvent that does all of this, but you 
cannot access it.  It would probably have solved your problem if this 
method was part of the IAppender interface, but it's currently not 

So I suppose it is possible, but you're going to end up duplicating all 
of the logic that is already in AppenderSkeleton, which means you will 
be executing code twice.  If you have multiple appenders, you will have 
to check each appender separately.

~Loren Keagle

On 4/13/2010 6:18 AM, ITemplate wrote:
> Noone knows? Perhaps I could rephrase: I need a programmatic way to determine
> if a certain logentry would be filtered or not.
> Example: I have the following logentry:
> logger.Warn("This might be logged but I dont know. I want to test it in
> code.");
> Now I want to find out - at runtime - if that specific line in my code will
> produce a log. Some programmatic way to test one or all configured filters
> against the data in my log-line (Logger, Level, text etc).
> Hope my meaning here is more clearer?
> Thanks.
> ITemplate wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is this "old" forum the only for log4net? Anyways - suppose I have a
>> certain logevent, is it possible to investigate up front IF that
>> particular logevent would pass all filters? I can't seem to find a Filters
>> collection that I can use for this?
>> -- 
>> Werner
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