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From François Dumont <francois.cppd...@free.fr>
Subject LoggingEvent Fix property
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 20:43:09 GMT

  In my company we are using an AsyncAppender for asynchronous logging 
that we have implemented ourselves and we are quite happy with it. From 
the start we had prepared a FixFields property on this appender so that  
user can decide which fields has to be fixed by the appender before  
passing it to nested appenders. The default value for this property is 

  I recently try to use it so that most of the logging event formatting 
is done in the logging thread rather than in the thread that generate 
the log event. So I change the FixFields value to ThreadName and 
discovered that it has an impact on the job performed by nested 
appenders. For instance when I log an exception through a 
ConsoleAppender nested in a AsyncAppender I have normally the following 

ERROR Exception raised
System.ApplicationException: FOO
 à AsyncAppenderTest.Program.ThrowException() dans 
C:\Dev\AsyncAppenderTest\AsyncAppenderTest\Program.cs:ligne 69
 à AsyncAppenderTest.Program.Main(String[] args) dans 
C:\Dev\AsyncAppenderTest\AsyncAppenderTest\Program.cs:ligne 40

Once I changed the FixFields to simply ThreadName I had:

ERROR Exception raised

As you can see the log of the exception has disappeared. This is so with 
or without the %exception in the PatternLayout.

  The problem is in the LoggingEvent class. It looks like you cannot 
partially fix a LoggingEvent. Once you fix some fields using the Fix 
property m_cacheUpdatable is set to false and when the LoggingEvent  
reference is pass to the ConsoleAppender which call GetExceptionString 
this method return an empty string because m_cacheUpdatable is false. 
What is m_cacheUpdatable for exactly ? It looks like the intention is to 
avoid the same field to be fixed several time but as all fields default 
value in LoggingEventData is null and is not null anymore once fixed it 
seems enough to avoid the multiple fixes situation. Couldn't be 
LoggingEvent.m_cacheUpdatable simply removed ?


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