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From "Scott Alexander" <sja...@gmail.com>
Subject Strong Name Key
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 15:43:52 GMT
Just curious if there is any new information regarding the
availability of = the log4net private key.

I have a project that uses log4net but requires a minor modification
to the=  code (RollingFileAppender RollFile method marked as virtual).
 This is a p= roblem b/c I also use some other assemblies (i.e.
NHibernate) that use log4= net. Now I have two log4net assemblies
signed w/ different keys...

In order to get this to almost work (without using the GAC) I have to
copy = both assemblies to my bin directory (bin/log4net.dll and
bin/log4net/log4ne= t.dll), then use a <codebase> element in the
application config file to ove= rride the assembly binding. This
almost works, w/ the exception of the majo= r problem that I now have
two log4net assemblies instantiated and cannot re= ceive log messages
from both using a single appender.

This would be a trivial problem if I had access to the private key...
any a= dvice?

Scott Alexander

P.S. love the project!

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