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From Chen Sued <Chen.S...@nice.com>
Subject Configuring appenders through code
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 11:50:16 GMT

I'm configuring a log4net file appender through code.

1. I would like to add some machine details at the top of each log file (note: this is not
a regular header! Its details are picked
Via code, and should be written once at the top of each newly opened log file). In order to
add this info to each file,
I would have to get some sort of an event for a new file being opened
(after previous file has reached maximum size as configured).
How could I get such an event? How could I add details at the head of each new log file, without
using the 'Header' option?

2. Regardless the previous question, is there a way to set the log file header and footer
via code?
(The header and footer properties are read-only).

Best Regards,
Chen Sued
Software Engineer
Core Applications, R&D
NICE Systems Ltd. Israel

(T) + (972) 9 7753127
(F) + (972) 9 7753004

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