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From "Neil Haughton" <Neil.Haugh...@autoscribe.co.uk>
Subject RE: Log4net viewer Log4View released
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 15:05:34 GMT
Does anyone know how to use log4net.config files with Visual Studio 2008
unit testing?


I have a test project with a log4net.config file as part of the project,
properties set to Content and Copy always, which diligently copies the
config file to the bin\release or bin\debug folders on build. The test
class [ClassInitialize] method includes this line:




which should point log4net to the executable folder for the test
project, I thought.  However the tests cannot find the config file: the
log4net internal logging produces this message:


log4net: XmlConfigurator: configuring repository
[log4net-default-repository] using file [log4net.config] watching for
file updates

log4net: XmlConfigurator: configuring repository
[log4net-default-repository] using file [log4net.config]

log4net: XmlConfigurator: config file [C:\Documents and Settings\Neil\My
Documents\Visual Studio
2008\Projects\MatrixRoot\Matrix5\TestResults\Neil_DEVNH 2008-05-16
15_50_22\Out\log4net.config] not found. Configuration unchanged.


It seems to be looking for 


...\TestResults\Neil_DEVNH 2008-05-16 15_50_22\Out\log4net.config


but I do not understand why.


Can anyone help with this puzzle?



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