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From "Vanderkolk, John" <John.Vanderk...@compuware.com>
Subject File Paths
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 11:42:59 GMT

I'm writing a logger utility for a solution that has several different
points of execution. They will all be under some particular folder, but
relative to this folder their locations are different. All of these
applications are to read the same config file which specifies locations
for file appenders, one for each of the points of execution.

My problem is that since log4net reads the paths specified in the config
file as relative to the executing module, when each executable is run,
it makes log files in different locations when I want them all to make
log files in the same location.

EX: Here is an example with 2 executables:

...\Installation Folder\
	Program 1\

The problem is that since both exe's read the same config file, I can't
get them both to write logs to the same place. Short of writing my own
utility to configure the loggers I don't see any other way.

Any help would be appreciated,
John VanderKolk
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