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From "Dean Fiala" <dfi...@celadonlabs.com>
Subject re: Log4net not working as expected
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 03:17:47 GMT
Just a thought, since you are declaring the log member in the dll class as static, it might
be getting instantiated before the configuration has run.  Why not either make it property

 protected  static  log4net.ILog log

    return log4net.LogManager.GetLogger("EngineTasksFactory");

or just declare it locally in the method.

I have applications that have multiple assemblies all working as you would expect.

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From: "Sanders, Brian" <BSanders@connextions.com>
To: log4net-user@logging.apache.org
Subject: Log4net not working as expected
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 16:41:04 -0500
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    Hello,  I have an issue with log4net that I was sure was not an issue before. I have a
project which is made up of a few other projects. There's an exe and 4 other dlls. Logging
from the exe works while logging from the dlls does not. Like I say, I know this has worked
before. I've read thru the documentation and everything looks identical. Does anyone see what
I might be doing wrong here or know what the cause may be? Thanks.     Log4net: 
Cnxengine.exe: Runs as either a service, or a stand-alone exe, depending on configuration.
 Platform: MS.Net  Cnxengine.exe.Config:  .  <log4net>                             
      <appender name="RollingFile" type="log4net.Appender.RollingFileAppender">    
                     <file value="c:\\CNXHeavy\\Logs\\CNXEngine.log" />            
             <appendToFile value="true" />                          <rollingStyle
value="Date" />                          <datePattern value="yyyyMMdd" />       
                           <staticLogFileName value="true" />                      
   <maxSizeRollBackups value="14" />                          <!--<maximumFileSize
value="1GB" />-->                          <layout type="log4net.Layout.PatternLayout">
                                     <conversionPattern value="%date %level  %logger[%method:%line]
- %message%newline" />                          </layout>              </appender>
             <root>                          <level value="DEBUG" />         
                <appender-ref ref="RollingFile" />              </root>      
         </log4net>  .     CNXENgine.cs:  public  class  CNXEngine : System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase
{  protected  log4net.ILog log = log4net.LogManager.GetLogger("CNXEngine");  .     public
 CNXEngine() {        // This call is required by the Windows.Forms Component Designer.  
       //Initialize the threadlist         ThreadList = new  ArrayList();           //Get
the tasks to run         log.Debug("GetTasksToRun"); <- Works        TasksToRun = EngineTasksFactory.GetTasksToRun();
       log.Debug("Finished GetTasksToRun"); <- Works  }     public  static  void  Main()
  {  log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure();  .  if  (Convert.ToBoolean(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["RunAsService"]))
 {        .  }  Else  {        .  }  }     EngineTasksFactory.cs:  public  class  EngineTasksFactory
 {        protected  static  log4net.ILog log = log4net.LogManager.GetLogger("EngineTasksFactory");
             .     public  static  EngineTaskList GetTasksToRun()  {        log.Info("Creating
EngineTaskList"); <- Does not work        EngineTaskList tasks = new  EngineTaskList();
                                                   tasks.Add(new  OrderRoutingTask());   
    log.Debug("Created EngineTaskList");        return  tasks;  }     Brian Sanders  

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