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From Ron Grabowski <rongrabow...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: NullReferenceException in AppenderSkeleton.get_Name()
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 22:53:19 GMT
It looks like you managed to create an Appender with a null Name property set. How are you
configuring log4net? Can you post the appender nodes of your config file to the list?

Did you find anything useful in log4net's debug log?

I suspect log4net is trying to tell you something:

 "Failed to append to appender [" + appender.Name + "]"

but its getting a NullReferenceException instead.

----- Original Message ----
From: Kevin Krueger <kevin.krueger@gmail.com>
To: log4net-user@logging.apache.org
Sent: Tuesday, November 7, 2006 5:28:25 PM
Subject: NullReferenceException in AppenderSkeleton.get_Name()

I had an ASP.NET 1.1 application crash recently. There was an
unhandled exception in AppenderSkeleton.get_Name(). I don't think this
is the cause of the application failure but I am hoping it might help
me determine the root cause of the problem.

What could cause this exception in this method?

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance
of an object.
   at log4net.Appender.AppenderSkeleton.get_Name()
   at log4net.Util.AppenderAttachedImpl.AppendLoopOnAppenders(LoggingEvent
   at log4net.Repository.Hierarchy.Logger.CallAppenders(LoggingEvent
   at log4net.Repository.Hierarchy.Logger.ForcedLog(Type
callerStackBoundaryDeclaringType, Level level, Object message,
Exception exception)
   at log4net.Repository.Hierarchy.Logger.Log(Type
callerStackBoundaryDeclaringType, Level level, Object message,
Exception exception)
   at log4net.Core.LogImpl.Error(Object message, Exception exception)


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