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From Shaun Lipscombe <shaun.lipsco...@gmsl.co.uk>
Subject Where to load configuration
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:08:22 GMT
Hi people :-)

I have a site that creates an object that retreives data.  I have a
service that runs that goes and gets data from various sources and puts
them into files that this data retriever object then accesses. i.e. the
service and the retriever are in no way related.  However they are all
part of my solution in Visual Studio 2005.  As is my website.

I'm a bit unsure where to put my XmlConfigurator.Configure() so that all
my logging for my entire application is controlled via one file.  There
is no top level class, so the only place I can think of would be to put
the Configure() in the website itself.

Also wont both service and website operate within different AppDomains?

Am I forced to use a configuration file per component?

Any pointers appreciated :-)

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