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From "Billy Barnum" <bbar...@spamcop.net>
Subject RE: VS 2005 support
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 23:08:17 GMT
I'm actually having a problem with this right now, by coincidence.

Like you, Matthhew, I haven't had a problem calling the .NET v1.1 log4net
from .NET v2.0 apps - until now. The twist this time seems to be that the
v2.0 app in question is a *server-activated* Enterprise Service lib that
worked great in .NET v1.1. I've ported it to .NET v2.0 and just this one
line ...

        private static readonly ILog BmtLog =

... causes the object in question to blow in the JIT compiler when DLLHOST
instantiates it. And I'm not talking a crash with nice diagnostics, either;
the JIT itself (mscorjit) blows.

I'm guessing that this is not log4net-specific, but some problem with
calling a v1.1 component from v2.0 under these special circumstances. Still,
does anyone have any ideas, here? I've been digging but I'm stumped.


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From: Matthew Brown [mailto:octavius@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 12:40 PM
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Subject: Re: VS 2005 support

I don't remember ever having a problem using log4net 1.2.9 from a VS
2005 project....

On 1/11/06, Poquette, Dave <Dave.Poquette@qg.com> wrote:
> Do you have a timeframe of when you will be supporting VS 2005?
> Dave Poquette
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