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From "Billy Barnum" <bbar...@spamcop.net>
Subject Is there anything resembling a "WebServicesAppender"?
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2006 23:27:16 GMT
I've gotten pretty familiar with the file, smtp, adonet, and eventlog
appenders, and have even written my own simple extensions. Now I'm being
asked to make log4net logging happen over the public internet from a .NET
Winforms client app, and I'm on unfamiliar ground.

The client is a .NET Winforms app that will do some work locally and hit up
servers over http via .NET web services for other work, but log entries must
be made to the central servers. My customer doesn't want to log locally and
then have users email local logs; they want to see errors and info entries
as they happen, or pretty soon thereafter. Ultimately, log entries are to be
written to NTFS files a la FileAppender.

I'm talking about something resembling a "Web Services Appender", methinks.

Is there some relatively easy way to achieve this with RemotingAppender and
an almost-empty server host in IIS that just passes everything through via a
server-side log4net config file that names a FileAppender? Or is there
another, better approach?

I'm looking for general advice, samples, links to other resources - anything
at all. Grateful for whatever tidbits I can get that don't take up too much
of folks' time. Thanks in advance.


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