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From "Hollywood" <hollyw...@thzero.com>
Subject Re: Is there anything resembling a "WebServicesAppender"?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 02:04:08 GMT
No, but its pretty easy to write one.  We had exactly the same situation 
where we need to post errors to the server and use a webservice to do it. 
Here's a pretty simple one, but it was written for a previous version of 
Log4Net but should give general idea (btw, InitializeService is a method 
that was created to set security, urls, etc. on the webservice).

/// <summary>
/// Summary description for ServiceAppender.
/// </summary>
public class ServiceAppender : AppenderSkeleton
 public ServiceAppender()
  //Do any intialization here.

 #region Implementation of IOptionHandler

 public override void ActivateOptions()
  base.ActivateOptions ();

  //Provide any checks based on Service config properties, if Service
  //config properties are valid initialize ServiceAppender.



 #region Override implementation of AppenderSkeleton

 protected override void Append(LoggingEvent loggingEvent)
  //Set any necessary loggingEvent properties.
  //(e.g. loggingEvent.Properties[LoggingEvent.HostNameProperty] = 
  /* TODO */

   //Call the WebService Logger.
   // TODO: Decide how to proceed. This normally is controlled from the 
App.Config file,
   //   but if it gets changed to something less than a level of Error by 
   //   not knowing the ramifications, it could cause an enormous amount of 

   // TODO: I want to checkin a workable copy, I don't have rights to update 
manaslu with updated WebService.  After updating manaslu then uncomment and 
   //if (loggingEvent.Level.Name.ToUpper() == "ERROR" || 
loggingEvent.Level.Name.ToUpper() == "FATAL")
loggingEvent.RenderedMessage, Environment.UserName, 
  catch(Exception exc)
   ErrorHandler.Error("Unable to send loggingEvent to Logging Service", exc, 

 protected override bool RequiresLayout
  get { return false; }

 public override void OnClose()
  base.OnClose ();

  //Release any resource that were needed.



 #region Private Methods

 private void InitializeServiceConnection()
   //Code any Service initialization needed for ServiceAppender to work.
   //This is called from ActiveOptions.
   //Instantiate the WebService.
   if (_serviceLogging == null)
    _serviceLogging = 
  catch(Exception exc)
   // TODO: Add Service name to error message.
   ErrorHandler.Error("Could not initialize the service", exc, 

   // TODO: Reset the Service object to a known state if needed.


 #region Fields

 private Logging.LoggingService _serviceLogging = null;


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Billy Barnum" <bbarnum@spamcop.net>
To: <log4net-user@logging.apache.org>
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 5:27 PM
Subject: Is there anything resembling a "WebServicesAppender"?

> I've gotten pretty familiar with the file, smtp, adonet, and eventlog
> appenders, and have even written my own simple extensions. Now I'm being
> asked to make log4net logging happen over the public internet from a .NET
> Winforms client app, and I'm on unfamiliar ground.
> The client is a .NET Winforms app that will do some work locally and hit 
> up
> servers over http via .NET web services for other work, but log entries 
> must
> be made to the central servers. My customer doesn't want to log locally 
> and
> then have users email local logs; they want to see errors and info entries
> as they happen, or pretty soon thereafter. Ultimately, log entries are to 
> be
> written to NTFS files a la FileAppender.
> I'm talking about something resembling a "Web Services Appender", 
> methinks.
> Is there some relatively easy way to achieve this with RemotingAppender 
> and
> an almost-empty server host in IIS that just passes everything through via 
> a
> server-side log4net config file that names a FileAppender? Or is there
> another, better approach?
> I'm looking for general advice, samples, links to other resources - 
> anything
> at all. Grateful for whatever tidbits I can get that don't take up too 
> much
> of folks' time. Thanks in advance.
> -BillyB

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