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From "Marco von Frieling" <teuchlfex1...@gmx.de>
Subject log4net across Threads and AppDomains
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 09:47:34 GMT


I'm wondering about the following situation:


I have configured a RollingFileAppender to log in a file logs\host.log and
another one (in a second config file) with exactly the same configuration
except the file is logs\plugin.log. I'm running the host and configure
log4net with the first config file, the host is logging as expected. The
host runs in two threads and statements are logged with two different thread
ids. Then I create a second AppDomain, load an assembly to it and create an
object in that AppDomain. I unwrap the object handle and call it's
RunPlugin() method. I know that a thread can move between several AppDomains
of one Win32 process but I expect the thread is running in the AppDomain
where the object is created (in the other one I have only a proxy of the

Log.Info("Plugin running") does not work, there is no logs\plugin.log file
neither a statement in ogs\host.log, but this I think is ok because the
statement comes from another AppDomain and debugger says that log4net is not
configured there. So I call XmlConfigurator.ConfigureAndWatch() with the
plugin log config and there is my plugin.log with the statement. Fine.


But then I see something very interesting:




2005-12-28 13:33:47,088 [3724] INFO [.]

2005-12-28 13:33:47,179 [3721] INFO [.]

2005-12-28 13:33:47,978 [3724] INFO [.]

[.] // here we have two different threads in default AppDomain.




2005-12-28 13:33:47,870 [3724] DEBUG [.]

[.] // log file of my plugin AppDomain



And the new thread (I guessed) in the new AppDomain has the same thread id
as the thread in the default AppDomain creating the new AppDomain and the
plugin object in it. How does this come? How does log4net fetch the thread




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