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From "Immo Landwerth" <Im...@TheprojectGroup.de>
Subject RE: TCP Appender
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 07:58:05 GMT
Hi Nicko,

Thanks for your answer.

> > So I wonder if you guys could create a TCP appender? I guess many 
> > people would love that, too :-)
> We already have 2 TCP appenders - but maybe they are not what 
> you want.
> The RemotingAppender can be configured to use TCP. This 
> allows LoggingEvent objects to be sent over a TCP connection 
> and reconstituted on the target machine.

Oh, that sounds interesting. Since my first thought was "TCP is more
stable than UDP" I haven't looked in this direction. Anyway, I like 
that idea because it should rather easy to implement (and I don't have
to deploy a custom appender).

Today I am trying to get a more stable version of my log viewer using 
the remoting appender.

> The TelnetAppender listens for TCP connections. This allows 
> the log viewer to connect into the application to receive log 
> messages. This is an inversion of the normal way of logging 
> in that the app doing the logging does not send the messages 
> anywhere until a viewer actually connects to it. This method 
> is nice for the application because it doesn't have to do any 
> work when there are no viewers connected to it.
> As far as writing something that operates like the 
> UdpAppender but uses TCP instead, it should be simple to get 
> something working using a socket. It is a little more complex 
> when you start thinking about how to maintain the connection 
> and reconnect. log4j uses a separate thread to attempt to 
> reconnect every few seconds, which seems to be a reasonable 
> approach. It is worth noting that doing something like this 
> means that the appender (and hence the application hosting 
> it) will be polling a log view server every few seconds. If 
> this server is only periodically active then the application 
> may be doing a lot of work for nothing.

Good point. I will try consider this but actually, we don't care 
about performance at all. Our applications are mainly server sided
database-based applications. Logging is by default disabled or 
strongly limited. The UdpAppender, RemotingAppender or somthing like 
that is only enabled for debugging (due to the lack of remote debugging).


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