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From sv bobj <svb...@gmail.com>
Subject can derived classes change the RollingFileAppender filename?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 00:31:21 GMT
I am using the RollingFileAppender, but don't like the way it tacks a
"1", "2", "3" on the end of the filename because it means you can't
double click on the filenames to view them.
   i.e.   log.txt.1, log.txt.2, log.txt.3     don't load very well
when you click on them.

Is there some way to override the filename and provide your own?
I was looking at the source and it looks like
"GetNextOutputFileName()" is the right function, but it is not marked
What I'd like, is some way to have the rolling file appender create
log files with the names

Is that possible?

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