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From "yofnik" <yof...@comcast.net>
Subject shared library
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 18:41:26 GMT
Hello everyone, 
I have developed collection of tools that all share a common .NET library
that I have developed. The DLL uses log4net with the RollingFileAppender. I
use Nant to build all the tools and copy all the executables to a "bin"

Now here's my problem, because the shared dll uses log4net, every
application tries to open the same log file. I end up getting errors saying
the log file is locked by another process. 

I know I can set the LockingModel to MinimalLock, but this will affect
performance significantly, won't it? 

I would really like to specify a different appender (log file) for each
executable. So instead of having "mydll.dll.log4net", I would like to use
"myapp1.exe.log4net" or "myapp2.exe.log4net" for each application. How can
this be accomplished? 

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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