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From Charles Johnson ...@cehjohnson.uklinux.net>
Subject Re: Log file for each level
Date Sat, 25 Jun 2005 10:31:32 GMT
To be honest i didn't ask him why - he asked me to do it shortly before

>>Point out that operationally ...

Yes i agree with you - this is my main concern.

Thanks Erik, i'll bear this in mind


Sargent, Erik wrote:

>I'd try to understand why he wants this. Is it for metric reporting
>instead of operations? It might make sense then (although I'd say it's a
>poor measure, but better than nothing).
>If it is for metrics, then write everything to a single file and parse
>it after for his metrics.
>Point out that operationally, the log is far more valuable for support
>if you can see the thread of events in context of time - which may not
>correspond to the separate levels.
>Also, operationally, does he expect you to run your app with debug
>logging on at all times? We, and I think most people, may have debug on
>in QA and perhaps right after go-live, but once you know it is stable,
>throttle back to WARN or INFO. So depending on the scenario, he might
>not get what he is expecting anyway.
>If what he is after is reporting, then generate one log and parse it for
>him at the end of each day (or whenever you do your rollover.)
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>From: Charles Johnson [mailto:cj@cehjohnson.uklinux.net] 
>Sent: Friday, June 24, 2005 10:20 AM
>To: log4net-user
>Subject: Log file for each level
>Doesn't sound like a brilliant idea to me, but my manager wants me to
>produce a separate log file for each log level and i was wondering what
>the best way to do this is?
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