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From "Hart, Aaron" <ah...@zolldata.com>
Subject RE: ADONetAppender - returning output parameters
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 22:48:20 GMT
I had that same thought. There are a couple of problems I saw with that,
though. The LoggingEvent object is passed in by value, through several
intermediary objects. Each of those would have to be changed, which
would affect five or six objects just to change them to use reference

Also, in one of the objects besides the ADONetAppender there is a
function called AppendToAllAppenders or something like that. This is
where the return array of integers would have to be constructed, so I'd
also have to rewrite that.

By the way, I tried inheriting from ADONetAppender to make the appender
changes, but that is a problem since all the member variables are
private. Any way you could change all the private member
variables/functions to protected so they can be inherited? I've done
that in my downloaded copy of the code, but I pondered whether it should
be an official change request.

Aaron Hart

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From: Nicko Cadell [mailto:nicko@neoworks.com] 
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 10:01 AM
To: Log4NET User
Subject: RE: ADONetAppender - returning output parameters


The standard implementation of the ADONetAppender does not support
retrieving results from the database query. You will need to create your
own implementation that also retrieves a result from the database. The
LoggingEvent has a Properties map that can be used to store additional
data. You can write into the properties collection from your database
appender. You could then retrieve this in your ILogImpl subclass.

In you ILogImpl subclass you would need to do something like:

public long LogMsgAndGetID(object message, System.Exception ex)
	// Create the logging event
	LoggingEvent loggingEvent = new LoggingEvent(FullName,
Logger.Repository, Logger.Name, Level.INFO, message, ex);

	// Log the event (appenders will run)

	// Retrieve the result from the event properties
	return Convert.ToInt64(loggingEvent.Properties["RecordID"]);

The code in the appender would do the following:

override protected void Append(LoggingEvent loggingEvent) 
	long recordID = Write2DB(loggingEvent);
	loggingEvent.Properties["RecordID"] = recordID;

Note that there are several issues.
If a single event is written to multiple database appenders then the
RecordID property would need to be some form of collection rather than a
Long. Also you would need some way to identify which ID returned
belonged to which database.
The ADONetAppender supports buffering LoggingEvents and then writing
them into the database in a single batch. Obviously this would cause a
problem as the event may not be written to the database during the
Logger.Log() method, and therefore the RecordID property would not be
set. The simplest solution to this is to write the events to the
database without buffering.


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> From: Hart, Aaron [mailto:ahart@zolldata.com] 
> Sent: 16 December 2004 21:21
> To: log4net-user@logging.apache.org
> Subject: ADONetAppender - returning output parameters
> I've inherited and extended the ILog interface and LogImpl 
> class and created a custom LogManager to allow custom 
> parameters to be sent to an ADONetAppender.
> Now I'm wondering: is there a way to get return values/output 
> parameters from the internal DbCommand that is used to insert 
> the record to the specified table? The reason I ask is that 
> it's possible that the table the logging information is being 
> written to might have an auto-increment integer (IDENTITY) 
> primary key field, so it would be nice to get that value back 
> after the insert.
> Stepping through the code, it looks like the LoggingEvent 
> used to pass in the properties gets passed through four or 
> five other functions as a parameter before the database 
> command is actually executed, so it would be difficult 
> passing values all the way back through all those functions. 
> I also know that there are potentially several other 
> appenders writing records to the database if other 
> ADONetAppenders were configured for the logger being used, 
> which makes it difficult to pass back parameters for all of them.
> Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.
> Aaron Hart
> Zoll Data Systems, Inc.
> Broomfield, CO

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