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From "Nicko Cadell" <ni...@neoworks.com>
Subject RE: ADONetAppender - returning output parameters
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 19:04:04 GMT

> I had that same thought. There are a couple of problems I saw 
> with that, though. The LoggingEvent object is passed in by 
> value, through several intermediary objects. Each of those 
> would have to be changed, which would affect five or six 
> objects just to change them to use reference parameters.

The LoggingEvent is an object and as far as I am aware is passed by
reference. If it were copied each time it is passed to a method there
would be a performance impact.

> Also, in one of the objects besides the ADONetAppender there 
> is a function called AppendToAllAppenders or something like 
> that. This is where the return array of integers would have 
> to be constructed, so I'd also have to rewrite that.

I was rather thinking of just putting an ArrayList a named LoggingEvent
property, then the ADONetAppender would just lookup (or create as
necessary) the property, and then store their result in the list. Then
the LogImp would be able to retrieve the results as a list.

> By the way, I tried inheriting from ADONetAppender to make 
> the appender changes, but that is a problem since all the 
> member variables are private. Any way you could change all 
> the private member variables/functions to protected so they 
> can be inherited? I've done that in my downloaded copy of the 
> code, but I pondered whether it should be an official change request.

Good point, I will see what needs to be done to make it usefull for


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