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From Oliver Sturm <oli...@sturmnet.org>
Subject Re: Finding out whether a specific appender is attached
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 10:18:59 GMT
Nicko Cadell wrote:

>You may be able to use the OutputDebugStringAppender. This appender uses
>the OutputDebugString API. The VisualStudio Debugger catches this output
>and displays it in the Debug Output window. This only works for
>applications that the debugger launches rather than ones is attaches to,
>therefore it won't work for ASP.NET applications.
Hm. I just tried to go this way and I have the OutputDebugStringAppender 
running just fine. I can see its output in Mrak Russinovich's DebugView, 
but VS doesn't seem to be interested in it... nothing at all shows up in 
the Debug Output window. I was quite sure about this myself, but it 
really doesn't seem to work. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

               Oliver Sturm
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