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From Marco Herrn <marco.he...@sourcepark.org>
Subject Re: RollingFileAppender does not log to the file
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 16:46:46 GMT
Hi Nicko,

> There are several different ways of impersonating which have different
> effects:
> Are you impersonating the calling web user? i.e.
> <identity impersonate="true" />
> Impersonating a specific user? i.e.
> <identity impersonate="true" userName="MyUser" password="pass" />
> Are you running the aspnet_wp.exe as another user? i.e.
> <processModel userName="MyUser" password="pass" />

I am currently using the first method, but will need to change this to 
the second one. So if this really is the problem, I hope I will find it.

> Also how are you configuring log4net? Are you using the
> DOMConfiguratorAttribute or are you explicitly calling
> DOMConfigurator.Configure()? If so where are you calling it? If you are
> using the attribute then how are you getting your loggers? Are you
> storing your loggers in a static field in each class?

I am doing this by calling DOMConfigurator.Configure() in 
Application_Start(). But I haven't defined the loggers in each class as 
static. Each class has its own logger, but they are not static.

> While most of the internal debug goes to Console.Out the errors go to
> Console.Error! If you want to capture the errors you need to use
> Console.SetError() to redirect that as well. Doing this should allow you
> to see what exception is being thrown when the file cannot be opened.

Doh!! I didn't realize that! Of course, that makes sense. :-)
I will try this. But it will take a few days. I will write again, when I 
have done this.


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