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From "Keith Brown" <ke...@pluralsight.com>
Subject RE: Windows Event Tracing
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 23:45:05 GMT
>> Do you mean the application event log ?<<

Nope. Windows Event Tracing is a kernel-level feature that allows an
application to spit out an incredible amount of log data (it's great for
method tracing) in a short period of time, with minimal CPU impact (IIRC,
the goal is around 5% additional CPU utilization with WET turned on).

Windows 2000/XP/2003 itself is instrumented using WET, and you can correlate
kernel level logs with application level logs, e.g., how did the file system
or Active Directory contribute to the time it took for my Tx to run, and
exactly what was the file system or AD doing during that time?

Here's a link to an article describing WET:


Microsoft's EIF supports logging to WET, but it sounds like EIF is being
replaced by a new instrumentation platform, which explicitly says it does
not support WET (why, I don't yet know). This is why I looked to log4net.
Besides EIF, I know of no other mainstream managed WET support to recommend
to clients.


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