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From Joe <Jocular...@hotmail.com>
Subject AsyncAppenderSkeleton
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2016 07:15:09 GMT
I have some ideas for developing a new AsyncAppenderSkeleton, based on recent experience developing
a custom async appender that sends logging events to a Web API.

My current thoughts are:

1.       A new base class AsyncAppenderSkeleton that can be configured to work in synchronous
mode (identical to AppenderSkeleton) or asynchronous mode, where DoAppend queues events on
to a FIFO queue, and has a single background thread that dequeues events and calls the existing
Append methods.

2.       When in asynchronous mode, there will be customizable and configurable retry logic
that can call Append if it throws an exception.  The retry login will be able to inspect the
exception that was thrown and keep a count of the number of retries so far.  For example,
a derived appender that logs to a Web API might want to retry 5xx HTTP status codes, but treat
4xx status codes as permanent errors.   There will no retry logic in synchronous mode as this
would impact performance.

3.       The default queue implementation would be a lossy in-memory Queue with a configurable
maximum length.  It might be nice to provide the possibility to plug in alternate queue implementations,
such as a persistent queue using MSMQ.

4.       A class AsyncForwardingAppender would derive from AsyncAppenderSkeleton and implement

5.       It would be easy to create asynchronous versions of existing custom appenders, by
changing the base class from AppenderSkeleton to AsyncAppenderSkeleton and optionally implementing
some retry logic.  E.g. we could have a new AdoNetAppender that can be configured to operate
in synchronous mode when logging to a local database, or in asynchronous mode when logging
to a cloud-based database.

In terms of timescales, I think it would be possible to produce something by the end of 2016.

To do it I need to reimplement AppenderSkeleton's DoAppend methods, to enqueue events if in
asynchronous mode, or call Append in synchronous mode.

I don't want to duplicate code by reimplementing the rest of AppenderSkeleton, so I would
like to do one of the following:

Option 1:

-          Refactor all of AppenderSkeleton's implementation except IAppender and IBulkAppender
into a new base class AppenderSkeletonBase.  This includes filtering, IOptionHandler, layout.

-          Derive AppenderSkeleton and later the new AsyncAppenderSkeleton from AppenderSkeletonBase.

Option 2:

-          Make AppenderSkeleton's DoAppend methods virtual, and derive AsyncAppenderSkeleton
from AppenderSkeleton.

Option 1 seems the cleanest to me; any thoughts?

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