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From Dominik Psenner <dpsen...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Log4net 2.0
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2015 15:06:42 GMT
Hi again,

I wanted this discussion to stay open for a week and that time is over now.
For now I'll try to answer questions and clarify a few things so that you
get another chance to raise your voice.

> Will the code be compatible with the current version?

The API should stay more or less the same, but eventually a few things will
be dropped. Among them will be properties like IsDebugEnabled, which could
be handled very well internally with late evaluation of log messages.

> Just be bold and embrace .NET 4.5

I'm not at all against it, but there's almost no profit to target 4.5 over
4.0, but with 4.0 we have a much larger audience. Personally I do simply
want the #ifdefs to be gone for good. That said, I've the impression that
everything that doesn't fit into log4net core only with #ifdefs should be

> Forget supporting the current appenders.
> I would approve of dropping high complexity, low reward appenders like
outdated .NET remoting.

We will add filters and appenders that are easy to implement (or already
there) for the targeted framework. To be honest, only what causes more
trouble that it is worth will be dropped. :-)

> What we do need with the appender interface is install/uninstall hooks.

Nice idea. This will have to be worked out as early as possible such that
the new API can be designed to fit the needs.

> We also need to take ownership of nuget packaging log4net.

This discussion is off topic and has already been dealt with. We simply
cannot force the owner of the nuget package to work with us and that's it.

> Personally I'd like to emphasize
>> [1] To make this come true there will be the need for a few helping hands

Thanks Justin, I'm glad that you're willing to lend a hand!

Everyone else, please note that the more hands we can get, the faster and
easier it is going to be. Thus, volunteers, jump out of your bushes!

That's it from me, for now;

2015-08-22 19:09 GMT+02:00 Stefan Bodewig <bodewig@apache.org>:

> On 2015-08-19, <dpsenner@apache.org> wrote:
> > Last night I've dreamed a dream and in that dream the release process of
> > log4net happened on a flick of a switch.
> A wonderful dream.
> Personally I'd like to emphasize
> > [1] To make this come true there will be the need for a few helping hands
> > and therefore this message goes to people that use log4net and want
> log4net
> > to be revived.
> even stronger.
> Stefan
> --
> Dominik Psenner

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