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From Stefan Bodewig <bode...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Log4net 1.2.14
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 18:36:46 GMT
On 2015-08-18, Jeremiah Gowdy wrote:

> My colleague Thomas Clegg and I are proposing to do a release of
> log4net numbered 1.2.14.  This release would be the existing 1.2.13
> release, plus the two patches for LOG4NET-455 and LOG4NET-462.
> According to our testing, this fixes log4net’s thread context for
> async/await usage.  By doing a bump of 1.2.13, we avoid the large
> amount of unreleased changes pending in log4net 1.3.0.

Thanks a lot for your offer, it is very much appreciated.

It's kind of obvious 1.3.0 isn't ready to get released any time soon so
the idea of backporting has crossed our mind as well.

Personally I'll be traveling with little internet access until the
weekend but I'm very willing to help.  Releasing log4net is a pretty
cumbersome process that requires building with a plethora of
frameworks.  We'll likely have to at least backport support for .NET 4.5
to the NAnt build.

I've quickly glanced over your patch and it looks as if you had merged
some parts that would break support for .NET 1.x.  This is something
that we cannot do for a 1.2.14 release, I'm afraid.

Ironically I probably won't be able to build binaries for .NET 1.x (or
Mono < 3) anymore, so we won't be offering binaries for old frameworks.
Of course those are not affected by the async patch, so they don't need
a new release anyway.


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