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From <dpsen...@apache.org>
Subject Log4net 2.0
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2015 07:21:24 GMT


Last night I've dreamed a dream and in that dream the release process of
log4net happened on a flick of a switch. Now that I'm awake again I find the
idea most pleasing and thus I'm bringing this idea to the dev list [1].


My idea was that we should start off log4net2 "from scratch" that targets
only .NET 4.0 [2] and does only what the largest part of people want from


1.       Log to console

2.       Log to file [3]


What can also be discussed is if log4net2 should get an interface to the
existing appenders.


Please discuss!





[1] To make this come true there will be the need for a few helping hands
and therefore this message goes to people that use log4net and want log4net
to be revived.

[2] With .NET 4.0 we would still support good old WinXP and that should
really be enough for today's technology.

[3] Yes, with rolling and there shouldn't be a thousand possible
combinations of configuration options. Stability and speed goes over


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