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From Miljenko Cvjetko <mcvje...@holisticware.net>
Subject Re:Thoughts on 1.3
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2014 14:32:24 GMT


I have tried to post this one through the nabble on Nov 25th and 26th. 
The I got dragged away with projects,  then holidays and again projects. 
Now I have a bit easier, so I'd like to add few thoughts.

My name is Miljenko Cvjetko and I'm the one that forked log4net on 
GitHub, did some structural changes on the solution/project in order to 
"port" it to Xamarin Mobile profiles (Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android) 
and contacted Stefan for a permission to submit log4net Xamarin 
Component to Xamarin Componet Store.

Stefan asked me whether I can put some thoughts and more light on the 
subject in this thread about the Version 1.3.

There were several questions both on mailing-lists and forums about 
availability of the log4net for Mono Mobile profiles (Xamarin Mobile) 
and I was personally faced with that issue when our team worked on 
Application that uses mobile port of SharpSNMP, which uses log4net. The 
quick and dirty workaround was to exclude the dependency (and comment it 

The era of mobile enterprise apps is about to begin and a lot of code 
will be ported from desktop and server side (ASP.net) to mobile in order 
to reuse code. Almost all utilities/libraries/tools for .net have 
disadvantage/handicap that they are written for desktop and/or ASP.net, 
thus using APIs and/or concepts that are not acceptable or possible on 
mobile devices. To name some: System.Web assembly (used by log4net) and 
Configuration utilities which need Xml support.

What I actually did is simply split log4net into 2 assemblies, the one 
with client profile called log4net.client  and the other with only 
ASP.net specific stuff with old name log4net. The code was 
source-linked, so log4net was for external usage the same as it used to be.

All unit tests passed w/o problems.

So I would suggest You to do as Stefan suggested:

1. "to split log4net-13.dll so that the main assembly can be used for 
the client profile and a separate assembly contains the stuff that 
requires System.Web - this way we no longer need the -cp builds."

2. add separate assemblies for async/await (netfx 4.5, mono 3.x), so 
people are not forced into 4.5.

I have worked with log4net on Xamarin's alpha channel for last 2 months 
and experienced no problems only stuff I would suggest to add async 
wrappers (suggestion 2.).

Also Stefan asked me to merge code into 1.2.x (1.2.13) branch, so I'll 
do that in next few days and issue pull request as soon as I'm done. I 
will try to be least intrusive, so will probably end up with:

1. src folder with ASP.net project (dependencies), so it is the same for 
regression and backward compatibility

2. src-client (or whatever) with client profile - this might be even PCL 
- I have to see.

3. src-mobile for iOS and Android assemblies.

Xamarin Component stuff will be added later on.

I hope I did not bother You too much and thank You

best regards



Miljenko Cvjetko dipl.ing. ET
	Projektant rjes(enja/Solution Architect	
	Razvojni programer/Senior developer
	Voditelj projekta/Project Manager

IX juz(na obala 13
Kajzerica Zagreb
T: 385 1 7775555
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e: mcvjetko@holisticware.net
w: http://holisticware.net

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