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From <gert.drie...@telenet.be>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Log4Net 1.2.13 based on RC2
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2013 12:54:46 GMT

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you and Dominic for breathing new life into log4net!

Professionally I’m back to working with a .NET technology stack, so I’ll also try find
time to contribute to .NET OSS projects again.


Van: Stefan Bodewig
Verzonden: ‎zondag‎ ‎10‎ ‎november‎ ‎2013 ‎12‎:‎47
Aan: log4net-dev@logging.apache.org

Great to see you here, Gert!

On 2013-11-10, <gert.driesen@telenet.be> wrote:

> no build for .NET 4.5, but I assume this was already discussed before
> and is planned for a subsequent release

We introduced the 4.0 builds in 2011 mainly because of the new security
model.  Without that the 2.0 version worked just fine.  In a similiar
vain the 4.0 version is supposed to be well suited for 4.5 and we'd only
add special builds when needed.

Targeting WinRT would require quite a bit of work.

Technically, NAnt doesn't support 4.5, yet, which is a hurdle.  Also
AFAIU I wouldn't be able to target 4.0 on a machine with 4.5 installed
as it is an in-place update so building the release would require two
different Windows installations.

> do we position “net” binaries as targeting only MS .NET, or are they
> suppose to be cross-CLR / cross-platform?

The trunk of log4net (targeting log4net 1.3.x and dropping support for
.NET 1.x) uses the exact same source code to compile the net/2.0 and
mono/2.0 assemblies, there is no specific MONO define used right now.
As long as your version of Mono is recent enough (2.10 works well) the
"net" binaries should work fine.

I intend to add builds for mono-3.5 and 4.0 (based on Mono 2.10 as NAnt
has problems with Mono 3.x) to verify the newer assemblies work for them
as well.

The goal is to keep platform dependenencies to a minimum but also accept
them when needed - i.e. we wouldn't rule out supporting a certain
feature just because it wasn't supported on all platforms.

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