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From "Howe, Peter L" <ph...@paychex.com>
Subject Remoting appender sending deathly slow - was RE: Remote appender not sending
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 13:17:23 GMT
It probably takes 10 seconds for the client program to log all 1,000 events (just some test
code.)  The flush is every 10 seconds.  I changed my buffer size to 50 and the flush period
to 30 seconds - same behavior.  The call on the server to public void LogEvents(LoggingEvent[]
events)- the one required method on the IRemoteLoggingSink interface, is still never called
with more than one event at a time, and takes a painfully long time to process all of the
1,000 events logged/sent by the test client app.


From: Dominik Psenner [mailto:dpsenner@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, October 18, 2013 5:49 PM
To: Log4NET Dev
Subject: Re: Remote appender not sending

Maybe cause you're flushing too often? As for the last message you did it with every event,
didnt you?

2013/10/18 Howe, Peter L <phowe@paychex.com<mailto:phowe@paychex.com>>
Now that I have it "working" (sort of), I am noticing some very non-performant conditions...

When I run the client and server process, and leave everything running long enough, I get
all the events to the server, however I see dozens of remoting connections in NETSTAT, and
the server process never sees a batch of events larger than one.  This is the relevant parts
of my .config on the client side:

    <appender name="RemotingAppender"
              type="Paychex.IP.Common.Logging.TimedRemotingAppender" >
      <sink value="tcp://localhost:8085/IPRemotingLogger" />
      <bufferSize value="20" />
      <lossy value="false" />
      <onlyFixPartialEventData value="true" />
      <evaluator type="log4net.Core.LevelEvaluator">
        <threshold value="DEBUG" />

      <priority value="ALL"/>
      <appender-ref ref="RemotingAppender" />

The client calls logging 1,000 times.  The main program (client) thread is done almost immediately,
but if I DON'T leave the client running long enough (which is a number of minutes) for the
pool threads to send all the events, I get this at program close:

    log4net: Hierarchy: Shutdown called on Hierarchy [log4net-default-repository]
    log4net:ERROR [TimedRemotingAppender] RemotingAppender [RemotingAppender] failed
    to send all queued events before close, in OnClose.

I don't understand why the events are being sent to the server one at a time, instead of 20
(my buffer size.)


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