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From Stefan Bodewig <bode...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache log4net 1.2.11 based on RC1
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 08:49:41 GMT
On 2011-10-11, Curt Arnold wrote:

> Observations:

> comparing the source zip with the SVN tag, the following items are not in the source

> doap_log4net.rdf (DOAP file placed here for convenience)

Excluded deliberately.  IMHO it shouldn't be in trunk at all but rather
a directory level above.

> src/site/fml (empty directory)
> src/site/resources/js (empty directory)

It seems NAnt's zip task skips them.

> tests/lib/prerequisites.txt (note on prerequisites for running tests, likely dated now).

Actually it is dated in a way but still relevant (you need to copy
nunit.framework.dll to the appropriate directory).  I don't recall
explicitly excluding it, I'll need to see why this happens.

> Many if not all of the source files do not use CRLF line feeds as
> would be expected for a predominantly Windows oriented library. Looks
> like the .zip was built on a Unixy box.

It was built on a Windows box but I suspect the Cygwin svn client I used
considers LF-only the native format.  Will investigate using a different
Windows client for future releases.

> I'll +1 the log4net-src.zip, but would not object if anyone wants to pull it and try

> I'm moving on to check the binaries.

Thank you.


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