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From "Dominik Psenner" <dpsen...@gmail.com>
Subject RE: New RollingFileAppender semantics
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 06:26:51 GMT
>Given that it appears that I am going to break the internal contract for
>RFA and the ambiguity in the current implementation it appears that we
>should create a new RFA.  (Perhaps called RollingFileAppender2??) with a
>clear definition of its semantics.

I expected this and favourite the rewrite of RFA.

>As such I would like to propose
>1) - Make CountDirection default to positive

Should it be modifiable? I'm unsure.

>2) - Make PreserveLogFileNameExtension default to true

+1, something else does not make sense in 99% of all cases.

>3) - Any date portion in a file name be prefixed with a . as if it were
>an extension.

+1, but one should be able to change the "spacer" character. "." is a
nuisance to regex parse a logfile, where "-" is tangentially easier.

>3) - Decide if PreserveLogFileNameExtension applies to both the
>datePattern and the size roll index or just to the size roll index.  I
>propose that it applies to size roll index and a new parameter
>(PreserveLogFileBase - defaults to true) be used to apply to the date

*hmm* Could we make up an easier configuration as we're touching it already?
Just like in 4), I would love to see all rolling configuration stuff in a
section named <rollFileConfiguration> that lives near <datePattern>. I.e.
something like this:

<file value="bla.log"/>
<datePattern value="yyyyMMddHHmm" />
<rollFileCondition size="5MB" />
<rollFileLimitation maxcount="5" />

>4) - Remove the ability to do the sample above.  In other words, only
>allow date editing within the datePattern.  The following config would
>achieve almost same file names.
><file value="./output/LoggerTest.log"/>
><datePattern value="yyyyMMddHHmm"/>
><PreserveLogFileBase value="true"/>
>Generated file name would look like LogTest.201109181715.log
>If roll type become composite, then the files would look like
>LogTest.201109181715.1.log, LogTest.201109181715.2.log

3) covers this. +1

>5) - I propose that in the case of a maximum fixed size of roll backups,
>that the roll index become a fixed width field with leading zeros.
>Doing so will greatly simplify the deleting during rolling and make the
>process more robust because the pattern will be specific.  Currently the
>code sort of guesses by employing too many string.StartsWith() calls.
>Example, if MaxSizeRollBackups is set to 10, then the file names above
>would be
>LogTest.201109181715.01.log, LogTest.201109181715.02.log

Extending 4) we could become a:

<file value="bla.log"/>
<datePattern value="yyyyMMddHHmm" />
<rollFilePattern value="##" /> <!-- see string.Format() -->
<rollFileCondition size="5MB" />
<rollFileLimitation maxcount="5" />

>6) - Include a new MaxDateRollBackups parameter to limit the number of
>date periods that will be maintained.  Doing so is (I believe) currently
>unfeasible, if not impossible, given the ability to include a file name
>in the base pattern and not have a file name in the File parameter.


Extending 4) this could become a:

<file value="bla.log"/>
<datePattern value="yyyyMMddHHmm" />
<rollFileCondition when="daily" />
<rollFileLimitation maxcount="5" />

>7) - Personally I would feel no loss if StaticFileName went away and was
>always treated as false, but I expect that many people would want to
>keep it.

What does it anyway? Enlighten me, please! :-)


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