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From Stefan Bodewig <bode...@apache.org>
Subject Moving Forward
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 07:07:24 GMT
Hi all,

it seems that so far we agree that the very next steps should be

* release 1.2.11 ASAP.

  This should be current trunk plus all known good patches from JIRA that
  won't make it impossible to build for 1.0 or compact framework.

  I think it may be possible to provide client profile versions of this
  as well.

* poll users which target platforms are actually needed.

Am I correct with this?

If so I think the major pieces of work for 1.2.11 release will be

(1) setting up a build environment on anybody's machine that is suitable
    for a release build.

(2) wade through all 160+ open tickets, look for "good patches" and
    assign them to 1.2.11.

    Anything that is not too urgent or doesn't contain a test should be
    pushed to a later release IMHO.  Curt, can you create some more
    versions I JIRA (I don't have karma for this), I'd propose
    1.2.MAINTENANCE to collect just what looks like a reasonable future
    patch but shouldn't go into 1.2.11 immediately.

I volunteer to work on (1) but likely won't have any tangible results
before in about three to four weeks.  (2) could be done by all of us -
at least those with the required permissions.


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