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From Jason Aubrey <jaub...@connamara.com>
Subject Commit access requested for an asynchronous logging addition
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 17:13:26 GMT

I just added a property to my working copy called 'Synchronous'.  It's
'true' by default to maintain the current behavior.  When 'false' the logger
will queue log events in a thread safe queue that's serviced by a worker

The goal of asynchronous logging is to reduce the amount of time incurred by
logging on the primary thread.  This can be useful in applications such as
in financial trading where time is quite literally money.  It's realized
that a data integrity risk is introduced by logging asynchronously, but this
is a known and acceptable risk.  I added the synchronous option within the
logger instead of the appenders because the behavior should apply to all

The new/modified files are attached within log4net_trunk.zip.  I don't
currently have commit access but I can commit the code if granted access.
There are unit tests for the new code.

Jason Aubrey

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