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From Shawn Heisey <apa...@elyograg.org>
Subject Re: Redirect log4j to JUL
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 13:53:09 GMT
On 1/4/2015 11:13 PM, Goran Karlic wrote:
> How can I configure log4j to redirect output to java.util.logging?

One way to do this (and it might be the only way) is to use slf4j for
your logging, and bind JUL as the logging destination.

The slf4j download includes what I call "intercept" jars -- jars that
implement other logging classes like log4j, commons logging, JUL, etc,
and redirect the logs into slf4j so that they are handled by whatever
binding you have chosen.

As long as the logs you need to redirect are log4j 1.x, this is possible
with software from www.slf4j.org.  There may be a jar within the log4j
2.x download that will work with version 2.x, but I'm not entirely sure.

Here's some documentation I wrote for the Solr project on the topic of
intercept jars:



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