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From hualuoxiangxi <hualuoxian...@hotmail.com>
Subject 回复: log4j2 and encoding
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2012 01:54:10 GMT
I'm using Windows 7, Java 7 and Log4j2 beta3 and Eclipse Juno.

A error occured when  I tried to run the example  application named  MyApp.
I found the logger of variable is not static, so can't use it in static main Function direction.
There is a picture  of   marked  named configuration on attachment.


From: Rainer Hirschmiller
Date: 2012-11-25 02:37
To: log4j-user
Subject: log4j2 and encoding

I'm using Windows 7, Java 7 and Log4j2 beta3 and Eclipse Juno.

I'm reading data from a database and log the data for checking. The data 
contain German special characters. These data are displayed well in the 
application, e.g. in tables, but wrong while logging the data.

  The application reports Cp1252 as used charset.

I tried to set file.encoding in the run configuration / arguments to 
-Dfile.encoding=ISO-8859-1 but the reported charset is not changed.

Is this a problem of log4j2? Or do I make something wrong?


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