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From Pat Farrell <pfarr...@pfarrell.com>
Subject Re: bizarre NPE exception
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2009 04:28:39 GMT
Brett Randall wrote:
> Is this only occurring during hot-redeploys of a WAR-file?  What ultimate
> impact is it having on the production webapp? 

I'm still developing the code, its not yet in production.

It also happens on occasion spontaneously when the app is quiescent. The
 code in question is a WorkingSetCache, doing the expected cycle of
napping, looking for entries "in use" and flushing out the stale ones.

> Is the exception being thrown
> from a dying webapp thread? Is that thread's lifecycle being properly
> managed i.e. if DbC:Person is a thread started by the webapp, is there a
> context listener to shut it down when the webapp is undeployed? 

I don't think its only a dying webapp, but its not easily reproducible.

What's a context listener? Give me a pointer and I'll implement one.

In general, the cache codes are started by a MasterControlProgram when
any path of startup is tickled. They should run forever, or until the
webapp is replaced by a new war.


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