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From John El <jo...@mailinator.com>
Subject Re: AW: Newbie questions
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2009 03:32:36 GMT

To: Edward
Perhaps I did get bent out of shape, but I do think my question had merit.
I suppose my mistake was in not explaining that there was no obvious place
for the fatal log to go, but it had to be going somewhere because another
system that I don't have access to was reporting on it.  
RTFM?  And non trivial? I had looked in a lot of places for some info on
this and found nothing, I posted here for some help and was told the
question was dumb.

To: Douglas
I ran some similar tests, it's how I added the string that I grep'ed for. 
"I would be inclined to think that a different configuration
was getting picked up"  that's what I thought too, but it turned out to be a
little more complicated than that.  I was finally able to track down the guy
that set it up in the first place and his explanation was convoluted.  It's
a very clever set up, but, in a lot of ways it's too clever, and completely
un-documented. I'd like to tell you but then I'll just get more posts saying
'oh, of course that's how it was done! I could have told you that'.  I feel
bad for not telling you but it was hard work figuring it, if it comes up for
someone else, I'll leave it to be hard work for them.

To: Daniel
"MAYBE the person should read up on the basics first?"
Like I said above I looked everywhere for an explanation of this, perhaps it
is basic, but I still haven't found any documentation on this kind of set
"If you want to run without an appender fine.  You could even try to run
log4j with no setup, or even no downloaded jars... don't expect it to work
well though."
Again, the system runs, the motorcycle has gas and an engine, it has a set
up, it has downloaded jars and it's not coasting down a hill.  It works.  

To: Matt
This was just a snippet, I could have posted the whole file but I think I
would have got the same response.  The rest of the file declares some
appenders, and categories but nothing that obviously directs to the fatal
log.  Thanks for the link. It is actually one of my main resources.

To: Bender Henri
I know you think my question was dumb, and a waste of your time because you
think I didn't research it enough. I think you're wrong. As far as I can
tell my situation is not in the documentation. If I ever find it in the docs
I'll post it and eat crow.

To: All
I'm very sorry to have wasted your time.
I just didn't understand how it could possibly work without all the obvious
things that the documentation says is required.
Now I do.

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