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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Everybody's logging but me
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 22:16:17 GMT

On 13/03/2008, at 8:30 AM, Clinton Weiss wrote:

> Paul Smith wrote:
>> I'd suggest starting by adding 'log4j.debug=true' to your  
>> configuration file (or as a system property).  You may be surprised  
>> to see something reconfiguring behind your back.
>> cheers,
>> Paul
> Paul,
> I'm glad you brought this up, I've been having this issue with  
> libraries that insist on creating their own log files and ignoring  
> my own setup.
> How can I prevent reconfiguration?  I have my log4j.xml, and I want  
> the configuration defined by this file to be the only one honored.   
> Is this possible?

Evil these situations aren't they?  I don't use this, so I'm not sure  
if it works, but there is the log4j.configuration system property that  
you can specify a _full_ url (don't think it's just a relative path  
name, use file://...../myconfig.xml).  This may force log4j to use  
that config as soon as  it's triggered, but may not prevent some later  
3rd party library code deciding to explicitly do a reconfigure after  
even that.

Other than that, you're left with a 'strongly worded letter' to the  
3rd party vendor I think.



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