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From Clinton Weiss <clinton.we...@custdata.com>
Subject Converting Legacy application to use log4j
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:08:16 GMT
I'm seeking some advice here.  I have a legacy application with it's own 
built in logging system accessed via Common.status(String) and 
Common.debug(String).  The status method is used to update the 
application GUI's status line so the user has some idea of what is going 
on, it also emits the String to System.out.  The debug message just 
emits the String to System.out.

Now, I'd like to replace this setup with log4j, however, the pitfall is 
how do I still let the user know what is going on?  I believe I have a 
couple of choices here:

1) Import log4j only in the Common class, and still allow all code to 
call the status() and debug().  When status or debug are called, it will 
inspect the current thread to see which class to pass to the logger and 
create (or use a mapped) logger accordingly.  This would probably be the 
easiest, but not the correct way of doing it.
2) Replace all Common.status(String) and Common.debug(String) calls with 
logger.info(String) and logger.debug(String).  However, can I create a 
class that will listen for logger.info(String) calls and then can update 
the GUI's status accordingly?  This, I presume, would be the correct way 
of doing it - if it is at all possible.
3) Of course, you might have a better approach that I haven't thought of 

This in-house-only application has a pluggable architecture that accepts 
three different types of Interface classes, which is why there is a 
single place for logging.  When I wrote it three years ago I was still 
very early in Java and hadn't learned of the tools available to me just 
yet.  Lately, I've been planning an overhaul of this application and 
implementing log4j is a high priority.  All existing plugins are kept in 
a central repository, therefore updating them to the new logging 
mechanism, if necessary, will be easy.

Any ideas?

	Clinton V. Weiss
Programming Services
Phone: 586-752-9671 Ext 143
Fax: 586-752-6589
www.custdata.com <http://www.custdata.com>
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