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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Different levels to different appenders
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:19:31 GMT

On 27/02/2008, at 12:51 AM, Mikael Ståldal wrote:

> Paul Smith skrev:
>> If this truly is what you want,
> Are you implying that it would be a bad idea? Why would it be a bad  
> idea?

Why not simply have all the events your interested in together, in  
context, in one log file?  Have one File appender, and tweak the  
levels to emit/silence loggers you care/don't care about?  I'm  
personally not sure of the advantage of seeking information across 2  
log files.   No Logging event is an island by itself, it's always the  
context around them that makes each one more valuable.  My own  
personal opinion is to only segment events into different files based  
on services within an application, but I still have a main log file  
where all of them together mix, giving one complete context of a  
running application.
>> then set the logger levels for both hierarchies to DEBUG, and write  
>> yourself a simple custom Filter implementation that accepts/denies  
>> events based on your logic, and attach a separate configured  
>> instance of that filter to each of the appenders (accepting/denying  
>> as the case may be above).
> I have done that, and it seems to work. I'm not sure how it would  
> affect the performance though.

Filters can be surprisingly fast.  Still, faster without them, hence  
just make them all go to one file.

I guess my real question is your use case for considering to split  
different levels of different loggers to different files.  If you can  
provide some more background as to how this would make your life  
easier, perhaps there are other features we can suggest?


Paul Smith
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