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From "Preuss, Jacqueline - ENCOWAY" <Preus...@encoway.de>
Subject AW: Problem with renaming files
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 07:15:49 GMT

> Have you upgraded to log4j-1.2.15?  That should eliminate the loss of
> earlier messages on a failed rename.

I upgraded but on a failed rename the log file is overwritten...

> Then you need to figure out why the rename is failing.  Are each of
> your web applications writing log files in a different location?

Yes, I think so. There are all writing in their sub directory
gui/logs/script_logs/, ie in a Tomcat environment webapp A writes to
Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat
5.0\webapps\webappA\gui\logs\script_logs and webapp B to Apache Software
Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\webappB\gui\logs\script_logs.

 > It appears you are attempting that in your configuration file, but is
> that actually happening.  If you have multiple apps writing to the
> same location, bad things are likely to happen.  

>You could use lsof
> on 'nix or Unlocker or SysInternal's Process Monitor on Windows to
> see what processes may have the file open.

I installed Handle and ProcessExplorer on my Windows system to see how
many processes open the log files. When I start Tomcat and then open my
webapp in IE I have to entries for my log file :
tomcat5.exe	pid:3096	NT-AUTORIT-T/SYSTEM 	F70:
C:\Programme\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat

tomcat5.exe	pid:3096	NT-AUTORIT-T/SYSTEM 	106C:
C:\Programme\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat

Does that mean that 2 processes trying to access the log file? How can
this happen?

> If not, are the privileges set so that the account that is running
> Tomcat has the necessary rights to rename the file.

I think it has.


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