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From Jacob Kjome <h...@visi.com>
Subject Re: Announcing, log4jdbc 1.0!
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 04:23:07 GMT

This sounds really useful.  Thanks for sharing!

I suggest putting a reference to this out on the Log4j Wiki.  In 
fact, I think maybe we should move all our Log4j related links out 
there instead of requiring users to submit request to get it on the 
Log4j web site.  I'm still not entirely clear on the process to get 
it out there?  Letting users do it themselves on the Wiki would make 
a lot more sense, leaving the main Log4j web site only for official stuff.


At 10:53 AM 4/23/2007, you wrote:
 >log4jdbc is a JDBC driver that can log SQL and/or JDBC calls (and
 >optionally SQL timing information) for other JDBC drivers, using the
 >log4j 1.2.x logging system.
 >This JDBC driver can be "dropped in" to log the SQL and JDBC calls of
 >any java application without modifying the original application.
 >This project was started over 5 years ago, to scratch an "itch". I
 >needed a way to quickly and transparently log the SQL that an
 >application was generating in order to find where in the application
 >code problematic SQL was being generated from. Often times application
 >code that I was contracted to work on didn't have it's own sufficient
 >exception handling and logging to figure out this information without
 >a significant amount of digging.
 >Since that time, this little driver has proven itself indispensable on
 >many projects, and I have added some other nifty features over the
 >years, such as the ability to include timing information on the
 >application SQL, and the ability to automatically plug in the values
 >of bind variables in the SQL trace (enhancing the debugging utility
 >and readability of the SQL output,  enormously!)
 >Recently a colleague (whom also has been using log4jdbc for quite some
 >time for problem solving) suggested that I open source the project. So
 >here it is!
 >I hope that it can benefit others as much as it has benefited me. And
 >please feel free to post suggestions, bug reports, feature requests,
 >etc. to the log4jdbc SourceForge project pages..
 >For more information, see the main project page for log4jdbc at
 >You can download the 1.0 release in binary and or source form at
 >Arthur Blake
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