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From David <achepat...@yahoo.es>
Subject How configure the categories for console, logFile and htmlFile showing different levels
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 16:04:46 GMT
Dear members,
  I would like to separate the information from log4j ouptut into the following appenders
  htmlLogFile, console: myapp for INFO level, net.sf for WARN level
  logFile:              myapp for DEBUG level, net.sf for WARN
  so I want a defailed information on DEBUG about my application, and for other appenders
just INFO level for my app and for external libraries WARN level. It is usefull for me because
the html file is for customer and console, logFile is for developers.
  I am using categories, but I can't find the appropiate combination for that. I expect the
following configuration should work:
  log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, logFile, htmlLogFile, console
  # com.schinvest is my application
  log4j.category.com.schinvest = INFO, htmlLogFile, console
  log4j.category.net.sf =WARN, logFile, htmlLogFile, console
  log4j.additivity.net.sf =false
  I get the expected result for console and htmlLogFile, but I don't see the INFO level for
my app on logFile I see only the WARN level for external libraries.
  so why I don't see the debug level on my logFile, it is defined on the root category for
all appenders, it seems that the line: 
  log4j.category.com.schinvest = INFO, htmlLogFile, console
  overrides the behaviour for logFile
  Thanks in advance,

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