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From "Thomas Saxtoft" ...@sondagsavisen.dk>
Subject Re: Problem using SMTPAppender
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:51:44 GMT
> TriggeringLevel: an event with this level ...
It seems like log4j does not recognize that property using xml
configuration. Anyway I'm logging with priority "error".

> ... if "telnet localhost 25" is connecting and ... you get an answer,
then everything is OK.
It works fine.

> you do have mail.jar and activation.jar on your classpath?

>are you sure you have the sources to the correct log4j version?
I use log4j-1.2.13 binaries and source. I have compiled the sources and
now I am able to debug log4j. The clue now ends in
Transport.send(Message message)!


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