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From "matt.accola" <matt.acc...@empowermx.com>
Subject Re: Log4j 1.2.9, 64-bit, Websphere Performance Problems
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:45:31 GMT

Thanks for the reply!

The scenario is that my customer has the 64-bit machine and I have only
32-bit systems for testing.  That's a problem because they will not allow me
to run our profiler on their environment :(  I cannot replicate in the
32-bit environment so I can't profile here.  I am currently deploying a
version of our application which includes 1.2.13 to see if that helps, but
the change control process takes about 1 week min to get a new app out. 
That's a lot of time to get feedback!

If you take a look at my test cases, I did isolate the file I/O.  One of the
tests writes 1000 statements to the servlet console, which I assume uses
STDOUT.  That is blazing fast.

Configuring the root logger to ERROR eliminates all the overhead so I am 99%
certain it is the actual I/O operation of writing with the
RollingLogFileAppender which is slow.  The way we discovered the problem was
by turning on logging for Hibernate to troubleshoot the issue and the
application server took forever to come up becuase it was busy writing all
those log statement to the disk.  (CPU utilization is not high, its just

The file is on a local system, not remote.  There is no J2EE security
enabled or anything.

One concerning thing is that even the stand-alone Java application writes
log statement 4 times slower.  It has to be either the (1) the IBM JVM in
conjunction with 64-bit Linux, (2) log4j in conjuction with the 64-bit
Linux, or (3) the WAS 6 container in conjuction with 64-bit Linux. 
Remember, EVERYTHING including the version of WAS is the same in my
environment up until the point of the OS and physical hardware.

I'm pursuing #1 and #3 with IBM but can anyone else verify that 64-bit Linux
with 1.2.9 performs OK?  I will get more specs on the actual machine and
post them.
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